Disney x RO:M - Your Guide to Enchantment

In the Disney x Ragnarok M: Eternal Love crossover, enchanted Disney outfits and gear await your collection. 



Right off the bat, you can get Disney x RO:M items by logging into RO:M and hitting the “New Event” button, then “Dream Party” button at the main screen. Click the glowing peg, then “Sign In” to get a different reward each day. On specific days, the reward will be a Disney x RO:M item.

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You'll need to get to Comodo to acquire the rest of the Disney x RO:M items. Here's how: 

  • Speak to a Kafra staff member. 
  • Under "Midgard Continent" scroll down till you see "Comodo Area" 
  • Teleport to Comodo.

You can also press the "New Event" button, followed by the "Journey of Dreams" button. Select the event you wish to participate in and you'll be auto-pathed there.



Once at Comodo, participate in these events to acquire Disney x RO:M items.


Croaking Knight 5 Day Sign-In Event

Known for his integrity and steadfastness, the good knight Crookes wished to send a special gift to Ms. Spika, the mistress of his house. After learning of the legend of the Otherworld Dolls, he set out to find them. However, on the way he was ambushed and was transformed into a Roda Frog. Now, the question is... Can the Croaking Knight find his gift?

Event Duration: 

Acceptance: 27 Aug 0500 HRS - 20 Sep 0500 HRS 
Conclusion: 26 Sep 0500 HRS 

Event Rewards: 

Picture Book: Spashire's Crystal Slippers 
Droopy Headwear Self-Select Gift Box 
Mickey Sticker - Croaking Knight

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Poring's Treasure Vault Premium Sign-in

During the event period, adventurers with a Base Level of 12 or higher can enter "Poring's Treasure Vault" through the Hotspot.

Event Period: 
Purchase Time: 30 Aug 0500 HRS - 13 Sep 0500 HRS 
Claim By: 20 Sep 0500 HRS

Event Rewards: 

Day 1: Princess Makeup - Ariel x1 
Day 2: Disney Gachapon Coin x30 
Day 3: Praying Crystal Self-select Pack x10 
Day 4: Magic Card Album x1 
Day 5: Refined Job Potion x20 
Day 6: Mora Coin x25 
Day 7: Princess Dress - Ariel x1

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Fireworks Show

Comodo is holding a grand fireworks show!

Event Period: 

3 Sep 0500 HRS - 4 Oct 0500 HRS Every Friday - Sunday Night at 1900 HRS - 2100 HRS 

Event Rewards: 

Comodo Fireworks Gift Box 
Droopy Headwear Self-Select Gift Box 
Comodo Mysterious Gift Box 
Mickey Sticker - Fireworks

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Transformation Event

Transform into *Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Aurora, and Rapunzel* every day at specific timings.

Event Period: 

Period: 16 Sep 0500 HRS - 16 Oct 0500 HRS 
During the event, 1200 HRS, 1800 HRS, and 2000 HRS daily

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There are more Disney Princess outfits to be gotten! By doing daily events, you can acquire Big Cat Vouchers-Feast vouchers that you can use to spin at the Gachapon machine at Prontera Square, and, if you're lucky, get these Disney Princess outfits. Alternatively, you can use BCC to acquire.


Princess Gachapon


Event Period: 

16 Sep 0500 HRS - 16 Oct 0500 HRS

Event Details:

During the event, Prontera Square will debut its exclusive collaboration, the Other-dimensional Gashapon!

 1. Use Big Cat Coins to participate in a specified number of draws to claim the following gifts: 
- 1 time: Disney Gashapon Token x30 
- 5 times: Princess Dress - Rapunzel x1 
- 30 times: Disney Princess Headwear Voucher x1 
- 50 times: Disney Princess Costume Self-Select Voucher x1 

2. All skins from the Interdimensional Gachapon can be broken down into a certain amount of Golden Poring Coins, which can be exchanged for skins from the current Interdimensional Gachapon, as well as exclusive Disney Gachapon coins. 

3. Due to the special nature of the collaboration, the event's skins will not be available in Freyr Coin Shop, and the event's costume shards cannot be exchanged for Freyr Coins. 

4. After the event ends, the skins in the Gachapon Machine will not be available in any form. 

5. As of 0500 HRS on 6 Dec 2021, you can go to Mitt the event merchant and exchange Disney Gachapon Coins at a 1:1 ratio for Big Cat Voucher - Feast. Make sure you hurry and exchange them ASAP to avoid losing out!

Event Rewards: 

Disney Gashapon Token x30 
Princess Dress - Rapunzel 
Disney Princess Headwear Voucher x1 
Disney Princess Costume Self-Select Voucher x1



This is a list of all Disney x RO:M items (Aug-Sep 2021) and where you can get them. Please note that some of these items will be released at a later point. Refer to the event notes here to learn more.


Where to get

Princess Tiana Costume30 Day Sign in Event
Princess Dress - JasmineTreasure Hunt - complete 11 rounds of quests
Princess Dress - ArielPoring's Treasure Vault - login day7
Princess Dress - Tiana30 Day Sign in Event
Mini Donald and Daisy- Tail30 Day Sign in Event
Jasmine Backpack30 Day Sign in Event
Aurora Backpack30 Day Sign in Event
Pluto's House30 Day Sign in Event
Princess Makeup - ArielPoring's Treasure Vault - login day 1
Disney Gachapon Coin

Poring's Treasure Vault - login day 2

event merchant - NPC Mitt

Mickey Gachapon-Gacha 1 time

Knight's GiftCroaking Knight - every mission completed
Picture Book: Spashire's Crystal SlippersCroaking Knight - complete the first day's quest

Droopy Headwear Self-Select Gift Box(choose1)

-Droopy Snow White Headwear

-Belle Droopy Headwear

-Tiana Droopy Headwear

Croaking Knight - complete the 5th day's quest

Fireworks Show - three victories

Float Parade - achievement rewards

Stage Play - Obtain Comodo Carnival Gift Box x10 to unlock the achievement

Mickey Sticker

Croaking Knight - after the 5th day's quest is completed

Fireworks Show - store

Float Parade - achievement rewards

Treasure Hunt - Complete the first round of quests

Princess Makeup - JasmineCroaking Knight
Comodo Fireworks Gift BoxFireworks Show - after each time a quest is completed
Comodo Mysterious Gift BoxFireworks Show - after getting a kill with the branch
Comodo Parade Gift BoxFloat Parade - after each time a quest is completed
Comodo Carnival Gift BoxStage Play - after the first challenge each day is completed
Mickey Sticker - MusicalStage Play - Obtain Comodo Carnival Gift Box x10 to unlock the achievement
Cinderella - TailStage Play
Midnight Promise - TailStage Play
Spika's Thank-you GiftTreasure Hunt - every time complete 1 round of quests
Mini Mickey and Minnie - TailDream Trip - collect Mickey sticker x6
Princess Dress - Snow WhitePrincess Gachapon
Princess Dress - CinderellaPrincess Gachapon
Princess Dress - BellePrincess Gachapon
Princess Dress - AuroraPrincess Gachapon
Princess Makeup - Snow WhitePrincess Gachapon
Princess Makeup - CinderellaPrincess Gachapon
Princess Makeup - BellePrincess Gachapon
Princess Makeup - AuroraPrincess Gachapon
Queen's TiaraPrincess Gachapon
Magic MirrorPrincess Gachapon
Beast's Imposing ManePrincess Gachapon
Floating FlounderPrincess Gachapon
Huge Pure Gold EarringsPrincess Gachapon
Wing of ObsessionPrincess Gachapon
Snow White HeadwearPrincess Gachapon
Cinderella HeadwearPrincess Gachapon
Princess Bella HeadwearPrincess Gachapon
Princess Aurora HeadwearPrincess Gachapon
Disney Princess Costume FragmentPrincess Gachapon
Disney Gashapon TokenPrincess Gachapon - Gacha 1 time
Princess Dress - RapunzelPrincess Gachapon - Gacha 5 times
Disney Princess Headwear VoucherPrincess Gachapon - Gacha 30 times
Disney Princess costume free-choice voucherPrincess Gachapon - Gacha 50 times
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