Get an early advantage in your adventures with these exclusive rewards by Pre-Signing up from now till 23 Feb 2021. PLUS: Bonus rewards when more of you Pre-Signup (See below).


Glorious Ball Cap

A sporty new look for the most legendary of adventurers

Honorable Gift Box

Contains Big Cat Vouchers, Freyr Coins, and chance to get Refine +8 Equipment voucher.

Royal Celebration Mini Unlock Card Album

Gifts you a Mini Card, or 30x Adventure Coins if you already possess all Mini Cards.

Gram Dust

Use to synthesize Cards with the King Poring

Colorful Shell

Use to purchase Pet Materials

Pre-signup has ended!

The gates to the new world of RO 2.0 will open on 26 Feb.

For those who have pre-signed up with us, the exclusive reward redemption code will be sent as an SMS to your registered mobile number.

To claim your reward, simply enter your code here.

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Current Pre-signups

The Road To Ultimate Rewards

In addition to your exclusive Pre-Signup rewards, you will all be bestowed these roadmap rewards after the launch of RO 2.0.

Poring Growth Panacea

Gain 2x base and Job EXP from killing monsters for 1 hour


Big Cat Voucher I

Collect 30 to draw a headwear gacha from the Fantasy Generator I


Praying Card Pack

Randomly gives you 1x Attack, Defend or Element Card that enhances your attributes in a guild.


Big Cat Voucher·Feast

Collect 30 to draw a costume gacha from the Fantasy Generator II


Little Devil's Hat - White

An appropriate hat for the most mischievous of adventurers


Rainbow Poring Mount

An adorable and vibrantly colored native of Midgard.


Terms and Conditions

This Pre-Signup campaign runs from now to 21 Feb 2021, 2359HRS (GMT-6)

Exclusive Pre-Signup rewards are only available in the new server.

Shortly before the launch of RO 2.0, a text message will be sent to your specified phone number with instructions to claim your exclusive Pre-Signup rewards in the new server.

The achieved server-wide rewards will be sent to all players in all servers after the launch of RO 2.0 and must be claimed from the mailbox within 1 month of crediting.

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