20 Jan, 2022 Patch Notes

This maintenance will bring some new contents as well as fix some existing bugs. After the maintenance, we will credit items as compensation rewards into your accounts. (20 Jan, 0900 HRS - 1800 HRS, GMT +7)

The details of this update are as follows:



S9 Season of 6V6 will commence on 22 Jan.

1. Each match will run on Saturday 1800 HRS - Sunday 0000 HRS, lasting 4 weeks.


Apocalypse Boss

The cataclysmic star hangs among the stars, foretelling the coming of an apocalypse. The bizarre position of the star caused periodic disturbance in the elements of Midgard. Under the influence of such chaotic energy, MVPs much stronger than the usual ones were born.

1. MVPs and Revenant MVPs spawned daily at 1200 HRS and 2200 HRS will become Apocalypse Bosses, a powered up version of their usual counterparts.

2. Apocalypse Bosses have in their disposal, stronger skills and unique DMG Reductions. Adventurers will be able to thin out this DMG Reduction over time in a battle. If an Apocalypse Boss is not defeated in the specific period, a new regular MVP boss will be spawned in the next spawn period.

3. The drop rate of Apocalypse Bosses are 3 times their regular counterpart. All Adventurers who had taken part in the defeat of an Apocalypse Boss will be able to obtain participation rewards.

4. All drop rates of Mini Bosses will be doubled.

5. Channel switching penalty period will be shortened to 30 minutes.


Content Update

1、Added channel switching function on the minimap

* On the minimap, tap the channel icon on the top-left corner to access the channel switching function.

* This function can only be used in cities and wilderness maps.

2. Added account-wide universal currency to Coin Purse

* Mora Coin, Oracle Dust, Oracle Crystal

* Colorful Shell, Mentor Medal, Great Mentor's License, Kitty Coin

* Creste's Royal Medal, Tattered Time Pointer, Edelweiss, Ancient Relic Coin, Scary Pumpkins, Mechanical Gears, Sacred Book Pages, Heartbeat Donut

3. Item shop adjustments

* Adjusted potions and strengthened their effects, as below:

- Red Potion: "Recovers 65 to 80 HP" adjusted to "Recovers 135 to 165 HP".

- Orange Potion: "Recovers 150 to 180 HP" adjusted to "Recovers 450 to 550 HP".

- Yellow Potion: "Recovers 245 to 300 HP" adjusted to "Recovers 1350 to 1650 HP".

- White Potion: "Recovers 385 to 400 HP" adjusted to "Recovers 3600 to 4400 HP".

- Blue Potion: "Recovers 30 to 45 SP" adjusted to "Recovers 45 to 55 SP".

* Added potions

- Red Potion II: Recovers 9000 to 11000 HP

- Blue Potion II: Recovers 90 to 110 SP

- Blue Potion III: Recovers 180 to 220 SP

4. The elemental arrow crafting function in Payon moved to Prontera's Fusing Elder.

5. Item Fusion Optimization

* Item fusion will now support batch fusion (i.e. for elemental arrows etc)


Bug Fixes

1. Fixed the issue where after choosing [Party] and [Self Only] in the [Damage Dealt and Received] settings, the game would still display the heals of all units.

2. Fixed an issue where the gunslinger skill Fallen Angel may cause the cooldown time to stop when it was used by players.

3. Fixed an issue where the fusion of Cuisine Essence did not display consumed items.

4. Fixed an issue with the incorrect display for limited discounted items.

5. Fixed an issue where Ninja's T4 job advancement has a chance to be stuck.

6. Fixed an issue where the skill description for Comodo's Legend Difficulty Boss was incorrect in the Traveler's Notes.

7. Fixed an issue where auto accept did not work in the party interface.

8. Fixed an issue where the pet bag interface did not close after the adventurer died in battle.

9. Fixed the issue where the crusader's marriage proposal animation was abnormal.

10. Fixed the issue where increasing gunslingers' STR when the [Damage %] is high would cause skill damage to be lowered.

11. Fixed an issue where adventurers who is attempting to follow their party members on a different channel in the same server would encounter error notification.

12. Fixed an issue where some monster-dropped headwear are sorted incorrectly in the Exchange.

13. Fixed an issue where the team details interface was displayed incorrectly under the dungeon matchmaking interface.

14. Fixed an issue where some adventurers were stuck in the Betrayer of God quest.

15. Fixed an issue where past quest items were shown on the guild map.

16. Fixed an issue where Cheese Hamster's skill description for Cheese Attack is incongruent with its actual effect.

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