28 Oct, 2021 Patch Notes

28 Oct 2021 SEA Service Suspension Maintenance (1000 HRS - 1700 HRS, GMT +7)

(SEA) We will be suspending service for maintenance on 28 Oct, 1000 HRS - 1700 HRS, GMT +7. During the maintenance, you will be unable to log in temporarily.


========3rd Anniversary========

New Event - Anniversary

1. After the maintenance on 28 Oct, the Prontera Square will be decorated with celebratory designs. On 31 Oct, SEA's 3rd Anniversary celebration themed events will commence.

2. From 31 Oct - 1 Dec, 0500 HRS, the Event Puzzle button will appear under the New Event button, which would bring the players to the Event Puzzle interface. The puzzle is comprised of 9 pieces corresponding to the 9 event quests. Participate in the quests and collect the puzzle pieces, and after reaching a certain progress, there will be a special rewards!

3. From 31 Oct - 1 Dec, 0500 HRS, Adventurers will be able to receive event-specific rewards from Unskillful Hunter in Prontera Square: Royal Celebration Dreamy Chest, limited pet egg Wilderness Explorer, Sunburst Wing Crown[1], Shimmering Golden Leaf x10

4. From 31 Oct - 1 Dec, 0500 HRS, Adventurers can find Unskillful Hunter at Prontera Square. He will review your Adventure Handbook and you will receive rewards based on your unlocks.

5. From 31 Oct - 7 Nov, 0500 HRS, during the event, special Popopoporings that will drop Popoporing Commemorative Vouchers when killed will spawn in the Poring Island. Collect Popoporing Commemorative Vouchers and redeem generous rewards! Tips: Popoporing Commemorative Vouchers are account-limited items with a daily obtain limit of 100 (item will be stored in the coin purse of your backpack), and will continue to drop even after exhausting Combat Time. Popoporing Commemorative Vouchers will be retired and recycled by 1 Dec, 0500 HRS.

6. From 31 Oct - 7 Nov, 0500 HRS, during the event, Adventurers with Base Level ≥12 can receive the quest, A Cringe Joke A Day. Head to Prontera Square and speak with Happy Creator to be given your cringe joke. Share the joke at the World channel and obtain the reward Celebration Happiness Giftbox x1. Sharing it for the first time, you will receive the extra reward Surprising Poring x1. ※During the event, any character under the same account can complete the quest once daily.

7. From 11 - 18 Nov, 0500 HRS, during the event, find Wilderness Explorer at Prontera Square to get your daily fortune told from the elephant. Adventurers who completed the fortune-telling will be given Celebration Blessing Giftbox x1. After completing the daily divination, you will also receive a random celebration-specific buff.

8. From 12 Nov, 1900 HRS - 28 Nov, 2200 HRS, every evening 1900 - 2200 HRS, a large number of Celebration Koi will spawn at Prontera South Gate. Defeat them to obtain Royal Celebration Dreamy Chest x1. Royal Celebration Dreamy Chests are account-limited items, and each account has a daily obtain limit of 1. Use the item for a chance to obtain: 2021.12宴的谢礼 (includes costumes and headwears of all rarity), 2021.12 Headwear Gift, +8 Refinement Coupon (Any slot), and +15 Headwear Refinement Coupon (Expiring 6 Jan 2022)

9. From 18 - 25 Nov, 0500, the following events will be launched: Double Oracle Dungeon Rewards - the first character under one account to complete the Oracle Dungeon will receive double rewards; Doucle Endless Tower Rewards - the first character under one account to complete the Endless Tower will receive double rewards; Extra Mission Board Rewards - Adventurers who complete mission board quests will obtain Shimmering Golden Leaf x1 as an extra reward.


========Holy Ground War========

Holy Ground War Season Mode Season 4 Commences

1. Method of Participation

- [Arena] - [Holy Ground War] Season Mode will commence. After forming a 12-person team at level 100 and above, the leader can perform matching operations. When the team member is insufficient, the system will randomly match other players to form a 12-person team

- The 4th season of [Holy Ground War] will commence on 13 Nov and will last for 3 weeks until 27 Nov. Season Mode matchmaking will be available every Saturday from 2000 HRS to 0000 HRS of the following day.

2. Obtain [Bishop's Emblem] by achieving the corresponding mission objective in the dungeon, each account can obtain a weekly limit of 80, which can be redeemed for the following:

- Costumes [Robe Series Costume Voucher], [Beast Doll Series Costume Voucher]

- Back Headwear [March of the Saints]

- Tail Headwear [Moral Shorthand Spirit]

- Headwear [Pope’s Crown [1]]

- Extract Light Crystal, Glittering Rune Stone - Star, Glittering Rune Stone, Praying Card Pack, Mora Coin

3. The [Casual Mode] is permanently open to be used for practice and familiarization. The rules and rewards of the [Tournament Mode] will be announced separately before it commences.


========Content Update========

1. Recharge Store Item Adjustment

* Gift pack adjustment: Daily Special Offer Adventure Gift Box (Monthly), Combined Fate Supply Box (Monthly)

* Content adjustment: Mysterious Box V2.0 x3 adjusted to Oracle Supply Box x3 in the gift pack

* After opening Oracle Supply Box, players may choose between Oracle Crystal x1 and Oracle Dust x1

* Adventurers who had purchased Daily Special Offer Adventure Gift Box (Monthly) and Combined Fate Supply Box (Monthly) before the update will continue to receive the existing monthly content in their daily mail.

* Adventurers who had purchased the monthly gift pack before the update will be able to purchase the newly added gift pack immediately.

2. A new chapter is unlocked in Comodo's main quest, Fantasy Glow.

* Adventurers who had completed the Indecisive Heart quest may experience the Scattered Memories story in Comodo.

* Adventurer, the inhabitants of Dream City have decided to give up their homes and flee to avoid the Witch's oppression...

3. Added new wilderness map, Calamity Realm. Adventurers with Base Level 150 and above may travel there through the top-left corner of Sweet Dream Field.

4. Comodo's Elite Side Quest unlocked. Adventurers with Base Level 150 and above can start the Warrior and Witch quest from Comodo's Inn Owner.

5. Ponape Museum Island - Novice Difficulty is now open.

* Clear to obtain Common Ancient Armor (not including Random Attribute)

* Rewards from Novice Difficulty are calculated independently from Brave and Legend Difficulties.

6. Comodo announced its new annual commemoration items, the Fantasy Eden weapon series and the Island Story accessory series!

* Head toward Celeste in Comodo to purchase them. Island Story accessory series requires Dreamy Starfish to redeem!

* Completing Isle of Dreams's main quest, Fantasy Glow, will score you Fantasy Eden Weapon Voucher x1 and a large number of Dreamy Starfish.

7. Adjusted BOSS monster attributes in the Legend Difficulty of Ponape Museum Island.

* Damage reduction from Demi-Human -40%

* Physical/Magic DEF -50%

* HP +25%

8. Star Rune optimized

* [Excellent State - Star Rune]'s effect description, "Exceed Break's preparation time changed to 6~0 seconds" adjusted to "Exceed Break's Variable Cast Time changed to 16-10 seconds."

* [Excellent State - Star Rune]'s effect description, "Exceed Break's duration +10 seconds" changed to "After casting Exceed Break, auto-attacking within 10 seconds would trigger Blitz Beat."

* Pilfer from [Perfect Recurrence - Star Rune] will no longer determine skills' casting prerequisite and consumption, and can now cast copied skills that could not be used.

* [Doomsday Fire Rain - Star Rune]'s effect description, "Fire Rain has a %s chance of removing one buff from enemy units within range", is adjusted to "Fire Rain has a %s chance of removing three buffs from enemy units within range."

9. Optimized drop display: The wilderness map only displays the items dropped by common monsters defeated by the adventurer and their party members. Dungeon/Mini/MVP/Revenant/World BOSS will not be affected.

10. Added collaboration job type to the Rune Replacement interface's job selection tab

11. The single upper limit of Gods Treasury's material refining is increased to 99999 times.

12. Pistol and Rifle Gun skins added to the Scientific Redemption weapon series appearance

13. The item Adventure: From Beginner to Master adjusted to not depositable in storage (including personal/shared/home)

14. Mora Coins are now sold at Cat Friend with Zeny.

15. Updated all class-build gear recommendation at Assistant.

16. Added [Novice Eggshell Blueprint] and [Novice Poring Hat Blueprint] in Eden Coin store.

17. Optimized the usage of Eternal Rock and adjusted it to usable directly.

18. Optimized Damage Data Display: When adventurer is hit with multi-hit attacks (like Fire Bolt), the color of the total damage displayed is adjusted to red color.

19. Sending emoji is now available on World Channel.

20. Removed the Action function from Guild and Party channels

21. Optimized the portal map after leaving from GVG; adjusted from Return to Save Point to Return to current GVG Wilderness Map.

22. Optimized the quest experience of Cloudsea Archipelago; Adventurers will receive the new quest immediately after completing the quests in Cloudsea Archipelago.

23. Optimized the frequent pop-up notice to change lag settings.


========Bug Fixes========

1. Fixed an issue with Dragon Fists being unable to use the Sky Breaking Dragon Fist skill even under the Imperishable Dragon's ignoring casting prerequisite status.

2. Fixed an issue with Dragon Fists' Sky Breaking Dragon Fist can be dodged after equipping the Sky Piercer - Star Rune.

3. Fixed an issue with Sky Piercer - Star Rune's second entry malfunctioning when the SP recovery block time was reduced to 0 after Asura Strike.

4. Fixed an issue with the duration in which using skill is impossible after using Sky Breaking Dragon Fist behaving abnormally. Adjusted the duration from 3 seconds to 1.5 seconds.

5. Fixed an issue with the Fixed Cast Time of Summoning - Windsoul Flash not being reduced after equipping Ninjutsu Arcane Card.

6. Fixed an issue where other adventurers were not able to see a continuous AoE skill's effect upon returning after wandering too far away from it.

7. FIxed an issue where the instant activation could not activate cooked food.

8. Fixed an issue with the character model having a chance to move when using Lightbringer's Photon Cannon while turning around.

9. Fixed the issue where Windsoul Lightning - Star Rune doesn't receive the bonus damage from Thunder Wolf’s Protection Rune.

10. Fixed an issue with abnormal Fixed Cast Time and bonus M.Dmg triggered by Blizzard Thunderstorm - Star Rune

11. Fixed an issue with Thorny Vine Armor - Star Rune's effect not taking effect on Fire Pillar.

12. Fixed an issue where there's a chance of Photon Cannon not doing damage on the third consecutive casting.

13. Fixed an issue with Meow Hunter Rune's skill cooldown refresh effect not affecting Tuna Steak.

14. Fixed an issue where there's a chance that Hunters' Twinkling Stars can trigger twice at the same time.

15. Fixed the issue of Revenant Owl Baron Card sometimes not triggering Lex Aeterna.

16. Fixed the issue of High Priest continuing to use Suffragium while auto-attacking if there are Mercenary Cat in the party.

17. Fixed the issue of Rogue being unable to snatch Zeny from Isle of Dreams monsters when fighting them.

18. Fixed the abnormal display issue with the furniture piece Blooming Ice Fountain.

19. Fixed the issue where Eagle Flute's bonus Ranged Physical Damage was not affecting Fortune Sword +15's attribute bonus on Soul Breaker.

20. Fixed an issue where furniture could not be dragged out under the Blueprint mode.

21. Fixed an issue where Eclage teleportation portals was incorrect.

22. Fixed an issue where the prerequisite Base Level determination for Rune’s Power was incorrect.

23. Fixed an issue where the special effects of the Hammer of Blessings skill was displaying abnormally.

24. Fixed the issue where Mercenary Cats were still shown to have full HP in their avatar after being beaten.

25. Fixed an issue where the maximum number of deaths triggered after consuming multiple death protection food was displayed incorrectly

26. Fixed an issue where Begetter were not able to use their homunculus skills after using Homunculus Merge.

27. Fixed an issue with the special effects of back headwear Green Field Encounter displaying abnormally.

28. Fixed an issue with the nightvision icon's duration of Doram's skill Formidable Meow being displayed too long.

29. Fixed an issue where Mulan Costume cannot be exchanged in the Phoenix Feather store.

30. Fixed an issue where there's a chance of getting stuck at the Warrior and Witch quest. The dungeon will be reset after fixing.

31. Fixed an issue where the Ghost damage of Heart Vortex - Star Rune could not damage White Barrier.

32. Fixed an issue where after triggering Gunslinger's rune, Doomsday Fire Rain - Star Rune, Fire Rain could not trigger Homing Missile.

33. Fixed an issue where Taunt from Sacrifice can still be applied even when under a status that disallows buffing.

34. Fixed an issue where Solar Slate's Max HP +5% attribute did not take effect.

35. Fixed an issue where the movement animation of the Wave Dancer costume displays abnormally.

36. Fixed an issue where some boxes in the Palace of Beauty could not be pushed.

37. Fixed a description error in the skill Summoning - Serpent, added "There's a chance of causing fear for 5 seconds" to the description

38. Fixed an issue where there's a chance that the defensive effect of Tao Gunka's Fallen Stone skill does not take effect

39. Fixed an issue where there's a chance of getting stuck at the Warrior and Witch quest again. The dungeon will be reset after fixing.

40. Fixed an issue with the minimap display on Palace of Beauty level 2.

41. Fixed an issue where criticals are abnormal after equipping and de-equipping the Artifact, All In Peace. Also edited the description of the Artifact without changing the attribute boost.

42. Fixed an issue where after leaving the Legend Difficulty instance dungeon, the effect of Thanatos Tower - Rathgricy's skill Cage was not canceled.

43. Fixed an issue with abnormal display on the mount when Hunters used Warg Rider followed by Rapid Riding.

44. Fixed an issue where the second piece of music played on the Home music player would turn into Home's BGM.

45. Fixed an issue where Rachel's rift—Mammon—and the quest progress did not appear simultaneously.

46. Fixed an issue where there's a chance of the avatar displays abnormally.

47. Fixed an issue where some headwears were shown in the wrong place when equipped by Dorams.

48. Fixed the issue where the party leader icon did not refresh in real time after the previous leader left the party.

49. Fixed an issue where Rachel's weapon appearance, Divine Revelation - Fox Grass, was displayed wrongly in preview.

50. Fixed an issue where there's a chance the character model is invisible when attacking with Styx Monster mount appearance.

51. Fixed an issue where Moon Hugging Pup's pet skill, Moonlight Healing, displays abnormally.

52. Fixed the issue where the Marvelous Pet Bag was obtained repeatedly.

53. Fixed the issue where the Big Cat Credit Card could not be opened by tapping on it.

54. Fixed an issue where some skills' cooldown and duration was displayed abnormally.

55. Fixed the issue of Dragon Fist's Sky Breaking Dragon Fist skill cooldown was displayed abnormally and did not deal damage after casting.

56. Fixed the issue where Fire on Full Power does not take effect on the cooldown time reduction of Fire Rain

in Doomsday Fire Rain - Star Rune.

57. Fixed the issue that bullets will still be consumed after equipping the Doomsday Fire Rain - Star Rune and using Fire on Full Power to cast Fire Rain.

58. Fixed the issue where the character equipping Horn of the Watcher cannot see the Gunslinger's character model when attack by their passive skill Scarlet Curtain.

59. Fixed the issue that the cooldown of Fallen Angel is abnormally displayed

60. Fixed an issue that may cause client to crash after High Priest and Super Novice completed their T4 advancement.

61. Fixed the issue of High Priest continuing to use Suffragium when a party member has Mercenary Cat in the party.

62. Fixed the inaccurate description of Horn of the Watcher to "Permanently obtain screen-wide True Sight (that is visible on minimap) for user. (Not shared with party members)"

63. Fixed the issue where the opponent can still use the Platinum Era effect when buffs are disabled due to Remove Buff being in effect.

64. Fixed the issue where the skill Photosynthesis cannot be used after using Homunculus Merge.

65. Fixed the issue where using Saint's Hammer of Blessings will immediately reset Badr’s Crown.

66. Fixed the issue where Flowing Shadow Heart's hit count was abnormal, causing lower damage.

67. Fixed the issue that mixed fire damage from Tetra Vortex, Magic Dragon Breath etc. would not trigger Flame Armor's effect from Thorny Vine Armor - Star Rune.

68. Fixed the issue where the auto-attack option disappears when under the effect of Hammer of Blessings.

69. Fixed the issue of auto-attacks under the effect of Sacrifice not dealing damage after equipping Gold Foil Fox Mask.

70. Fixed an issue where the cooldown and cast delay for Soul Stabbing Gun and Magic Dragon Breath are displayed abnormally.

71. Fixed the issue of overlapping NPCs for some adventurers in the Garden Party quest.

72. Fixed an issue where the Skyfire Shard - Sharp is unable to repair Golden Law Enforcer and Assault Terminator.

73. Fixed an issue where the Guild Chest interface was displayed incorrectly after remaining on it for a while.

74. Fixed the issue of missing tutorial quest for Doram if the adventurers left the Instant T3 quest half-way.

75. Fixed the issue of Unknown Ancient Relic Shards were classified as consumables in the backpack and were unable to be seen.

76. Fixed the issue of the Time Gachapon headwear, Lord of Prestige - Sympathy, cannot be redeemed with Reunion Proof.

77. Fixed an issue where there's a chance that Pineapple Red Bean Ice does not come into effect after being used.

78. Fixed an issue where the flame in Palace of Beauty 2F does not change direction.

79. Fixed an issue where the Equipment Enhance quest cannot be completed if the Gear Bar is fully enhanced.

80. Fixed the issue of incorrect number display in Adventure Handbook - NPC Album - Eclage and Time Garden

81. Fixed an issue where the gift icon was displayed abnormally on the Pet Labor interface after changing a working place.

82. Fixed an issue where Priest would use Shadow Wave even without setting the skill to activate in Offline Autofight.

83. Fixed an issue where furniture location is displayed abnormally after switching to the furniture blueprint page repeatedly.

84. Fixed the issue of abnormal safe zone area in the 6v6 map, Black and White Chess.

85. Fixed the issue of abnormal score after using Dead Soul Card in Wolf Arena.

86. Fixed the issue of transparent character model when Dorams wear the Misfortune Flame Dragon series costume.

87. Fixed the issue of abnormal hairstyle display in the Colored Contacts and Barber Shop after switching tabs.

88. Fixed an issue where the currently remaining mail count is displayed incorrectly.

89. Fixed the issue of missing red dot in the Mentor interface after Student Reward was completed.

89. Fixed an issue where the NPC's Japanese voice is missing from the first stage of Comodo's Main Quest.

90. Fixed an issue where some skills have abnormal cooldown and duration.

91. Fixed an issue where equipping Sky Piercer - Star Rune will cause Sky Breaking Dragon Fist to be cast continuously.

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