27 May Patch Notes

May 27th, 2021 SEA servers will be suspended for maintenance (0900 HRS-2200 HRS, GMT +7)


Client Update

1. Due to SDK optimization and upgrade, the original client will not be able to log in the game after this maintenance. iOS/Android users must re-update the complete client through the App Store/Google Play to enter.

2. Due SDK optimization, we will be temporarily suspending the Registration and Bind Guest Account functions on May 26th, 1700HRS (GMT +7). After the maintenance is completed, we will resume the service.

3. If the original guest account is not bound before this update, it will not be able to log in normally after maintenance

4. Guest account registration will be reopened after this update

5. The GvG event on May 27th will be temporarily suspended, and the final Guild Wars set on May 30th will be matched based on the castle occupation result last Thursday (May 20th). We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

6. After this client update, as an additional update benefit, the following activities will be launched:

* From May 27th, which is after the maintenance, til June 2nd, 0500 HRS, you can get extra Glittering Rune Stone - Star x1, Valkyrie Growth Gift Box x2, Pet Adventure Coupon x2 when you complete the mission board missions for the first time daily.


Adjustment to Web Top-up

We will have a maintenance on 27 May for several adjustments to Web Top-up:

- Some top-up channels will be disabled temporarily.

- The prices of some items will be slightly adjusted. Top-up rate will be the same as usual.

- During top-up, the total Big Cat Coins now will be displayed, including the rewarded amount (note: the full amount will be displayed in all cases except the double amount for the first-time top-up). The rewarded part was not calculated in the past and only displayed as an addition of multiple items.

We will be temporarily suspending the web recharge portal at 1700HRS (GMT + 7) on May 26th, and will resume the service after maintenance ends. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.


Time Wish Machine

1. Time Wish Machine Implemented

* For a limited time only, Time Wish Machine will appear beside Card Gachapon Machine from June 10th, 0500 HRS to September 10th 0500 HRS.

* Make a wish to draw headwear, outfits and other rewards you haven't unlocked yet.

* After Time Wish Machine is online, gacha items that are not from the current month cannot be traded in for Big Cat Voucher I. If you are planning to trade in older duplicate gacha items, please do so as soon as possible.

2. Draw Rules

1) Use Big Cat Coins or Time Invitation to start up the Time Wish Machine.

* You can use 30x Time Invitation or 30 BCC for a single draw of 1 reward

* You can also use 300 BCC to draw 10 consecutive draws for 11 rewards

2) You can get locked headwear and outfits in the Adventure Handbook from the Time Wish Machine (you can check the list of acquired headgear in the Time Wish Machine), and the Reunion Proof special item.

* When any headwear/outfit is acquired, it will no longer be acquirable from the Time Wish Machine. Details can be found through the Time Wish Machine's illustration function.

* You can purchase all the items in Time Wish Machine with Reunion Proof.

3. Items acquired from the Time Wish Machine will be divided into multiple groups according to the quality of the headwear/outfit. After acquiring all items in any group, the chance of acquiring Reunion Proof increases.

4. The Time Wish Machine will continue to update its headwear/outfit index in the future, so stay tuned!


Holy Ground War

Holy Ground War Tournament Mode S2

1. Tournament Period

a. The tournament will be held between 24 - 29 May for 1 week.

2. Participation Rules

a. [Tournament Mode] added to [Arena] - [Holy Ground War] tab.

b. Recruitment period is Monday 0500 HRS to Friday 2359 HRS, adventurers are required to create or join a tournament team of 12 and pressed confirm before the team leader may register as team as the competing team.

c. Registration period is from Friday 0500 HRS to Friday 2359 HRS. Registered teams will be ranked according to their combined points from each team members' 6V6 performance from last season. The top 64 teams are eligible to participate in the Tournament.

d. After the registration time is over, the matchup will be confirmed according to the 6v6 combined individual points of the participating teams. The matching rules are as follows:

* Sorted by 6v6 points, the top 1/4 are considered seed teams (for example, if there are 64 teams, 16 teams will be selected as seed)

26. Increase the skill range indicator circle, and currently only support displacement type skills: such as the Chronomancer's Wormhole, Lina Inverse's Befisu Bring, Dagger Artifact skill Mystletainn Force.

* Among the seed teams, the top 8 and bottom 8 will be randomly placed in the left and right halves of different groups.

* The remaining teams are randomly matched.

* In the final round (8 teams), all teams are randomly matched.

3. Tournament Rules

1) The first round will start at 1930HRS GMT+7 on Saturday. From 1915HRS - 1930HRS, 15 mins before the match start, the team leader must click [Start Matching] to confirm participation. The team that does not [Start Matching] within this period will forfeit.

2) Matching cannot occur when there are team members who are not on the registered team list, when there are offline members in the team, or when there are less than 7 people in the team.

3) The Tournament follows a single-elimination match system. Of the 64 teams, a champion will be determined after 6 rounds of matches. The final round's losing team will be considered the runner-up, while teams who lost in the penultimate round will be tied for third place.

4) Refinement +15, Aesir monument, guild prayer, and other similar bonuses will be disabled in Tournament mode. Details can be viewed in-game.

4. Rewards

a. Post Tournament, the top 32 teams can get new special skill effects. After using the corresponding items, they can be accessed in the transformation interface.

b. Tournament Ranking Rewards:

* Ancient Dust: Can be used to exchange blue Relic Shards, after a certain amount is collected, they can be exchanged for Ultimate Ancient Relic Shard

* Champion: Ultimate Ancient Relic Shard x1

* Runner-Up: Ancient Dust x500

* 3rd - 4th place: Ancient Dust x200

* 5th - 8th place: Ancient Dust x100

* 9th -16th place: Ancient Dust x50

* 17th - 32nd place: Honor Proof x5000

* 33rd - 64th place: Honor Proof x3000

d. Special skill effects rewards in the Tournament Mode:

* Coluceo Heal, Rising Dragon, Arm Cannon, Crazy Throwing, Magic Dragon Breath, Earth Drive, Sand Storm, Space Field, Soul Depravity, Dark Night Sinking, Dark Matter Trap, End of Sun and Moon, Eden Team Blessing, Tranquil Restoration, Lunatic Carrot Pound

4) Optimize the special effects of the skills of the tournament rewards. If the special effects setting is set to low, the low-RAM ersion of the original special effects will be displayed correspondingly.


Content Update

1. Oath of Light and Stars main storyline final chapter is open! * Light and stars glow in the dark of night, illuminating the road forward in the umbral wind. The adventurer and their partner will pursue the portentious omen in search of a deep secret hidden within the Glorious Domain. Beneath the calm clouds, a final battle awaits the adventurer...

2. Palace of Beauty 3rd Floor Unlocked

* After the adventurer has completed all of 2nd Floor's rewards, they will automatically receive the quest Explore the Palace of Beauty, which upon completion, will allow the adventurer to enter 3rd Floor.

* After completing all the treasure chest rewards on the 3rd Floor, you will automatically receive the task Her figure. After completing the task, you will achieve the achievement Long Separation and obtain Phantom Costume Voucher.

* Adventurers who have unlocked the 3rd Floor will not be able to reenter the 2nd Floor, and the Palace of Beauty is in shambles. Keep jumping forth in the time loop, sprinting until the end.

3. From this week onward, the Auction House will begin auctioning Relic Shards, interested adventurers, please take note.

4. Mission Board Optimization

* Adventure Meatball Shop will remove the item Mercenary's Mission.

* Instant completing missions will be reworked to consume Adventure Meatball.

* Mercenary's Missions owned by adventurers can be exchanged for Adventure Meatball with the same price, and a bulk-use feature will be added.

5. Quest Optimization

* Optimized Eclage Singra Master Box quests. Minimap markers will now show correctly.

* Optimized Cryptura Academy's headwear crafting quest. The headwears can now be deposited into Adventure Handbook normally.

* Optimized Prontera Furniture Store Sif's location. She is now closer to Ferrut.

6. Adventure: From Beginners to the Proficient Reward Optimization

* Vouchers and Equipment-type rewards obtained from Adventure: From Beginners to the Proficient are now tradable.

* Equipment and Vouchers can be sold to NPC at 100 Zeny each.

7. Optimized the display of voice buttons on the main interface

* After the update, added [Display] and [Hide] main interface voice button options in the settings menu, the default is [Hide]

* Adventurers can choose to display or hide the voice buttons on the main interface in the settings menu

8. Optimized Rogue's Plagiarism skill, you can now check the Plagiarize-able skills in the Adventure Handbook's monster details section.

9. Fixed the problem that some headwear could not use the [Headwear Magic Extractor] to transfer enchant attributes

10. Added 8 new cards to King Poring

* Gryphon ★ Card

* Wood Goblin ★ Card

* Dark Illusion ★ Card

* Loli Ruri ★ Card

* Wicked Sunflower ★ Card

* Chucky Tree ★ Card

* Wind Monster Slaughter Array Card

* Ninjutsu Arcane Card

11. Bulk-use support added for items

* Base Potion - Feast

* Job Potion - Feast

* Nolan Card Gift Box

* Ancient Relic Material Gift Box

* Pet Gift Box


Bug Fixes

1. Fixed the issue with Magnus Exorcismus, Judex, and Trap-type magic damage skills not receiving enhancement from Wicked Sunflower ★ Card.

2. Fixed Meteor Pulse's abnormal skill damage. Adjusted related skill Deadly Snipe Lv.11 - Lv.13's skill rate from 640% to 680%/720%/760%.

3. Fixed the issue where Earth Grave's Bleed effect was not affected by Attribute points and Dimension Distortion - Advanced.

4. Fixed the issue where equipping both Original Will Talisman and Fresh Tuna Talisman will cause Tuna Party's cooldown effect to stack.

5. Fixed the issue where Nepenthes Lyre and Poisonous Whip's entries "Every time Refining +1, DMG +1% to poisoned targets" were not taking effect.

6. Fixed the issue where Slayer's invisible status was not cancelled when using Dragon Slash during invisible.

7. Fixed the issue where Ryuoumaru's skills Self Destruction and Dragon King's Rage could not hit MVP.

8. Fixed the issue of Phantom Dancer's skill Plagiarism could not be set into Prepare for Elite after plagiarizing Novice's Eden Team Blessing.

9. Fixed the issue where Ninja's Ninjutsu and Summoning skills' damage are lowered when Ninjutsu Cultivation is not at Lv. 10.

10. Fixed the issue where Silent Sinking's icon was not displaying correctly at Safe Refinement interface.

11. Fixed the issue where Mandragora Howling was unable to take effect after being plagiarized.

12. Fixed the issue where there's a chance of being unable to summon homunculus after activating Void Summon Rune.

13. Fixed the issue where Alchemist's Aesir Monument Wild Clamor -Group's AOE effect did not activate.

14. Fixed the issue where Sages may stop auto-attacking if idling.

15. Fixed the issue where the Elegy of Morning Glory quest map could not be entered.

16. Fixed the issue where Adventure Handbook did not unlock after the quest Senior's Story is completed.

17. Fixed the issue where some adventurers could not interact with Brooke in Palace of Beauty 1st Floor.

18. Fixed the issue where the quick-item slots failed to load for some adventurers.

19. Fixed the issue where the quest items could not be collected in the quest Snake Pit.

20. Fixed the error where the description was wrong after using Limunus Transformation Scroll.

21. Fixed the issue where Holmes Hat did not display the acquisition method.

22. Fixed the issue where some equipment did not display the equipment's acquisition method after being slotted.

23. Fixed the issue where some outfits (Beast Doll and Star Traveler) did not switch to sex-changed counterpart.

24. Fixed the issue where Black OX Bronze Fire did not unlock Weapon Transformation after being deposited.

25. Fixed the issue where mentor-student is not correctly displayed and Great Mentor's License cannot be obtained. After the fix, alternate characters with Base Lv. 90 and above, and who had completed the Mentor quest will automatically have their mentor-student relationship disbanded.

26. Fixed the issue where Ninjutsu Arcane Card's effect does not work on Ninjutsu - All-round Attack

27. Fixed the issue where the description for Ultimate Gloves in Echoing Corridor is wrong.

28. Fixed the issue where the quest Unstable Stove cannot be completed if Fly Wing is used to teleport out.

29. Fixed the issue where Staff of Destruction with a refine +10 must be re-equiped before its effect is registered.

30. Fixed the issue of not getting the outfit reward when completing Hetty's path before Brandeis's path in the main storyline.

31. Fixed the issue with Assassins' death after triggering Knell did not increase attacker's points in the Arena.

32. Fixed the issue with Ninja using Thousand of Shadows skill before using Transformation Scroll will cause the clone to attack party members.

33. Fixed the issue where Cursed Circle triggered by using Lightning Step will clash with the original Armor Skill's attribute.

34. Fixed the issue where the skill Vanished did not bestow Invisibility to pets.

35. Fixed the issue where Ninja's Introduction Manual +8 effect entry, Autoattack +40, did not take effect.

36. Fixed the issue where some adventurers could not use the skill Play Dead if they did not have enough SP.

37. Fixed description error of Rough Repairing Shard and Exquisite Repairing Shard.

38. Fixed the issue that Elastic Bandage still drops in Echoing Corridor.

39. Fixed the problem where the "Use" button on items such as Angel Snow Feather and Attack Card are greyed out/ineffective/does nothing.

40. Fixed the issue where team leaders have a chance to not trigger warping in Echoing Corridor.

41. Fixed the issue where some pieces of equipment still required Lightning Chain to upgrade.

42. Fixed the issue where Meteoric Chains could not be deposited into Shared Storage or Homeland Storage.

43. Fixed the issue where the warp point between Al de Baran and Border Checkpoint could not be entered.

44. Fixed the issue where Soul Music's passive effect caused abnormal attribute increase when rejoining a team.

45. Fixed the issue where some adventurers cannot hire mercenary cats.

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