About 6v6 Mode

6v6 Details 

Event period:

6v6 PvP Rank is open for 4 weeks, every Saturday from 1200 to 2400HRS GMT+7. 


You can only have 10 matches per character per week.

How to join:

Adventurers who are above level 90 can join in the event matching to form a party of 6. If your party is not full, you will be automatically paired with other players at random.

Tip: Gather your friends and guildmates to form a permanent party!

How to play: 

Obtain as many points as possible for your team, during the 10-minute game duration. 

How to obtain points:

- Hold on to Elemental Orbs

- Conquer fixed spot resources

- Eliminate your opponents

How to win: 

The team that reaches 4000 points first will win the game


 The team that scores more points within the time limit will win the game   


There are three types of rewards: Match rewards, Tier rewards, End of Season Ranking reward for the top 600

Match Rewards

Earn Honor Proof and Through-war Coin rewards for each match.

These can be used to exchange for past season mount pets and rewards via Team Competition Merchant - Don.

Tier Rewards

Rank tier from lowest to highest: Fighter, Elite, War God and Legend. 

Every rank allows you to unlock different headwear which you are able to acquire at the Arena.

End of Season Ranking Rewards (Top 600)

After every season, top 600 rank will receive rewards in 3 tiers: 1~150, 151~300, 301~600. 

Different mount pets are available for different tiers. 

Once pet intimacy level reaches Lv 10, mount function will be unlocked.

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